New price level

A-4 funtional design, Annette Schoepgens
2022-06-13 12:28:00 /
New price level -

We would like to give some information about the price level of our new A-4 NORDKAP 3L:
No, this price increase is not based on the increased costs caused by the current crises. The main reason is that we decided to change the outer material. Instead of the previous Z-Liner construction, we are now using a 3-layer material that is otherwise only used in very expensive touring suits, which means that our NORDKAP 3L is of even higher quality, dries faster and is more expensive
The second reason for the new price level is the cost of certification according to EN 17092-3. This certification is mandatory for motorcycle clothing and unfortunately very time-consuming and expensive, especially when it comes to small series, like ours. It was important to us to comply with all legal regulations with the new NORDKAP 3L and so we also certified directly according to the new UKCA standard for Great Britain. Another increased cost share is the enormously increased shipping costs. Here we had to calculate with unbelievable 10-fold costs.All other prices as well as the already known shipping costs remain unchanged with us, despite all price increases.
I hope you are enthusiastic about the new quality and continue to support us.